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History of Borel

1930 Borel product range

Borel was founded in 1927 by Dr. Charles Borel. It is one of the oldest furnace manufacturers in Europe.
Borel ovens are used by more than 20’000 customers worldwide.

1918 Dr Charles Borel develops the first electrical furnaces

1928 Foundation of Borel Ltd in Peseux (Neuchâtel)

1929 Manufacturing of temperature measuring devices

1934 Invention of a new electric melting process for the glass

1978 Technical agreements with IPSEN, SAFED, BMI

1994 SOLO Swiss Group buys Borel and founds Borel Swiss

1995 New location in St-Blaise (Neuchâtel)

2006 Development of a new range of standard furnaces

2008 Setting up of Borel Asia

2011 New catalogue with more than 300 furnaces

2016 Borel becomes a division of SOLO Swiss SA and move to Porrentruy, Jura

Borel Swiss
manufactures furnaces and ovens for all thermal processing application. Borel Swiss provides a wide range of standard furnaces, ovens, kilns, and many others equipments since 1927.

  Industrial Furnaces - Chamber - Box - Crucible - Laboratory - Tempering - Atmosphere Furnaces - Kiln - Annealing - High Temp - Muffle - Retort - Tube - Salt-Bath - Melting - Protective Gas - Ovens