Furnace with a portable ladle 1100-1200 C

Furnace with removable muffle for working with protective gas: a scoop is a mobile muffle in refractory steel provided with an inert gas inlet. The muffle is designed to be placed in a chamber furnace with the parts themselves arranged in the muffle. It is then possible to work with protective gas.

Product Description
Construction: The muffle is parallelepiped-shaped (with one hinged face closing by gravity), with a gas inlet (which also serves as a handle) and a mobile floor grid system on which the parts are placed. The mobile floor makes it easy to transfer the parts from the muffle to the quenching tank.
Heating: The maximum temperature withstood by the muffles is 1100 °C. Our muffles are available with our chamber furnaces for 1100 °C, or 1200 °C for more intensive use.
Our packs are composed of a furnace able to receive a muffle, a ladle and protection for the heating elements to avoid any damaging contact between them and the muffle.
Type of gas: Working with non-flammable gas (nitrogen, forming gas 95-5 etc.).
Pneumatics: Our ladles are fitted with a valve to regulate the air supply. Type 24° pipe unions (according to ISO 8434-1) M16x1,5.

Options available upon request: Small quenching tanks: sheet 471,472, Aluminised protective gloves, Connecting tube, 3 metres: N15178, Rapid air cooler for ladle: sheet 699, Axron Swiss Temperature Programmer.

Model Item code Laddle Int. Vol. (L) Laddle Int. Dim. (WxHxD) (mm) Laddle Ext. Dim. (WxHxD) (mm) Weight (kg) Furnaces used
FP 1100-15-P Laddle S + furnace 1100 °C G14976P 1.4 120 x 60 x 200 125 x 65 x 260 4.5 FP 1100-15
FP 1200-15-P Laddle S + furnace 1200 °C G14982P 1.4 120 x 60 x200 125 x 65 x 260 4.5 FP 1200-15
FP 1100-30-P Laddle M + furnace 1100 °C G14977P 4.0 190 x 90 x 250 195 x 110 x 320 7.5 FP 1100-30
FP 1200-27-P Laddle M + furnace 1200 °C G14984P 4.0 190 x 90 x 250 195 x 110 x 320 7.5 FP 1200-27
FP 1100-45-P Laddle L + furnace 1100 °C G14978P 10 250 x 140 x 395 255 x 150 x 420 11.5 FP 1100-45
FP 1200-45-P Laddle L + furnace 1200 °C G14985P 10 250 x 140 x 395 255 x 150 x 420 11.5 FP 1200-45

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